Toronto Crime Map :

Analysis of Toronto Neighbourhoods and their crimes.

One of the most important desicions you will take in your life is where you are going to live, it does not matter if you are buying a home or renting it, this is the place where you will spend most of your time and that will consume a good part of your ressources; that is why knowing as much as you can about the area where you are going to live is crucial, knowing the good as much as the bad count at the moment to take this desicion, you know all the great things about your neighborhood via your realtor or seller, but what about the bad things? what about the dark stories about each place in Toronto? this information is not so easy to gather, that is why using the open data available from the city I have created different analysis for this information, here I will compare the neighborhoods with the biggest crime numbers per category so you can take a better desicion.make a comparison of the biggest crime numbers  about the main crime categories per neighborhood.

This first graph shows the 5 neighborhoods in Toronto that have the biggest number of Vehicle theft in the city; they are West Humber-Clairville, Islington-City Centre West, Yorkdale-Glen Park, Downsview-Roding-CFB, and York University Heights.

Theft is defined like substracting somebody else’s property up to $5000 dollars, and the neighborhoods that have the biggest frequency for this type or crimes are: West Humber-Clairville, Flemingdon Park, Bay Street Corridor, Islington-City Centre West and Banbury-Don Mills.

Sexual assault is the next category, here there is no clear information about the age of the victims, but with the information given here are the number for those crimes and the neightbohoods where happends the most: Mount Olive-Silverstone-Jamestown, Glenfield-Jane Heights, West Humber-Clairville, Church-Yonge Corridor, Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Juncti, Brookhaven-Amesbury.

Robberies per neighborhood presents the following places like the ones with the most issues: Church-Yonge Corridor, Bay Street Corridor, Glenfield-Jane Heights, Malvern, Woburn, York University Heights.

Even murders are not common in Toront, knowing where they happend more often is a very important issue to know in which places this type of attacks occur the most, here is the lis: Woburn, Downsview-Roding-CFB, York University Heights, Victoria Village, Malvern, Lambton Baby Point, Clairlea-Birchmount, Woodbine Corridor.

A weird category that was included in the data is the one about Hazardous Incidents, and the spots with the most problem in this area are: Waterfront Communities-The Island, Church-Yonge Corridor, Annex, Islington-City Centre, West, Downsview-Roding-CFB, South Riverdale, Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Juncti.

Other category that I consider more like  weird one (there may be fires caused as a criminal activity, but they may be an accident as well, and there is no distinction whatsoever in the data set) are the number of fires and fire alarms here are the places with the highest numbers: Bay Street Corridor, Church-Yonge Corridor, Waterfront Communities-The Island, Moss Park, York University Heights, Annex.

Another case where it is not clear if the numbers are by accident or by criminal activity are the ones included in the “Fire Vehicle Incidents”, but the neighborhoods with more issues of this kind are: West Humber-Clairville, Waterfront Communities-The Island, Islington-City Centre West, Downsview-Roding-CFB, Parkwoods-Donalda, Rouge.

The “Fire Medical Calls’ category was defined was the fire calls that were answered by the medical services, the places where this happened the most were: Church-Yonge Corridor, Waterfront Communities-The Island, Bay Street Corridor, Moss Park, Islington-City Centre West.

In the “Drug Arrests” category (there is no clarification about the quantity of each one of these arrests) the neigborhoods with the most drug arrests are: Moss Park, Kensington-Chinatown, Waterfront Communities-The Island, South Parkdale, Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Juncti.

The regional areas that suffered the most number of break and enters are: Bedford Park-Nortown, Islington-City Centre West, Downsview-Roding-CFB, South Riverdale, West Humber-Clairville, Kensington-Chinatown.

Talking about arsons, here is the top 8: Waterfront Communities-The Island, Moss Park, Downsview-Roding-CFB, West Humber-Clairville, Tam O’Shanter-Sullivan, Oakridge, Morningside, West Hill.

The las category to be analized is the one of assaults, here the places that have the biggest numbers are: Waterfront Communities-The Island, Bay Street Corridor, Church-Yonge Corridor, Woburn, Downsview-Roding-CFB.